May 6, 2009

Orinoco Pilsen Office

On Monday May 11th, Orinoco Systems will be opening a software development center in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. 

To commemorate the opening, we will be hosting an open house at the office. Anyone that is interested in attending is welcomed to attend. 

Where: 1839 Carpenter St. Chicago, IL

When: 2PM - 6PM

Hosted by Diego Ferrer and Orinoco Systems

Refreshments will be provied. 

March 31, 2009

Web Development Offerings

Orinoco Systems Website Development

-Custom website design, hosting and maintenance

In today’s technologically fueled society, it has become essential for companies to embrace technology in order to succeed. While some companies are on Facebook and Twitter, other companies have yet to even setup a website. A website allows customers to easily research your company; it gives the company a greater audience, and shows the public what you can do for them. A website is an absolute requirement in today’s fast moving world, and is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign.

Orinoco Systems has different website design or redesign options, and will create a website that meets your exact specifications, and helps you grow your business.

Orinoco has three website creation options, based on our customer’s specific requirements and desires. They are the Template Based Design, Custom Website Design, and the Current Site Redesign.


Template Based Design

For a business owner that is just starting a new business, or if you have been in business for years but is only now getting online, the Template based design is the most affordable solution for the creation of a website.

-Website design based on the use of pre-created templates

-Web hosting

-Website maintenance


Custom Website Design

For a business owner that requires a completely custom or advanced technology solution, including Flash video. The final product with this option will be the most impressive and visually appealing website option.

-Custom website design

-Web hosting

-Website maintenance and upgrades


Website Redesign

If you do have an existing website, but it is not exactly how you want it, or is underperforming due to a flawed design, Orinoco can redesign your site. The price for this service will be based on the status of the current site, and how much design work is required.

March 30, 2009

Orinoco Systems Website Development

Orinoco Systems has just formed a new division of the company, that being the Orinoco Systems Website Design Division. This element of the company will deal with all customer needs when it comes to full scale website design, redesign, hosting and maintenance. Orinoco will be able to offer both fully custom websites, and template based websites. We are currently in the process of creating a price chart for these services, and they will be put both on the blog, and the website once completed. 

March 3, 2009

Chicago Technology Hub

Orinoco Systems is currently in the first stages in the development of a project we are calling the Chicago Technology Hub. The purpose of this project is to have a positive impact within underemployed segments of the Chicago population, through quality employment, technical training, and community involvement and investment. We are currently exploring different location options, and meeting with elected officials in order to make the most logical and effective choice. As this project progresses, we will keep updating. 

February 25, 2009

Specific Nearshore Technological Offerings

Web Technologies:




JAVA(Servelets, Portlets, Applets)


COLD Fusion


XML Web Services


Programming Languages:

Borland & Visual C++


Visual Basic .NET

Visual C# .NET



Other Technologies:


IBM WebSphere

IBM Lotus Notes

Oracle Applications

iPhone Applications


February 23, 2009

Orinoco Systems: Services Offered

Orinoco Systems has two main focal points in which it offers value to our customers. The first focus of the company is the branch of the company that deals with network services. The second part of the company deals with customers that require computer and software programming projects to be outsourced.

Network Services

The Network Services aspect of the business is primarily for companies in the Chicago Area, but can also be completed throughout the United States if necessary. Included elements of network services are network design, maintenance, and monitoring all with special focus on security. With the rapid expansion of the internet (thanks to Al Gore. Just kidding), the computer networks of companies are at an elevated risk due to viruses, phishing, hackers and malicious code. Networks without adequate security measures can be attacked from both external and internal sources, which may put vital information at risk. Networks offer convenience; secure networks offer peace of mind. Orinoco Systems provides on-site assessments, and does gap analysis and planning to design a network solution that encompasses all elements of network security and efficiency. We partner with state-of -the-art technology companies to ensure that businesses are connected with the correct resources, and that no corners are cut. When a network is complete, our layered protection and 24/7 monitoring will ensure that there are no breaches and that the network continues to live up to Orinoco standards.


Outsourced Projects

When companies are able to outsource computer and software programming projects to consultants, rather than having to hire full time employees, they will be able to save money. Business will continue as usual, but companies will be able to stay within constricting budgets. In order to complete this work, Orinoco Systems has a state-of-the-art technology center at our Nearshore location in Mexico. It is staffed by English speaking technology experts that can complete programming projects efficiently, effectively, and to our customer’s exact specifications. 

February 20, 2009

Orinoco Systems: Company Profile

Orinoco Systems: Company Profile

Founding: 2008

Founder :Diego Ferrer

Headquarters: Wheaton, Illinois

Offices: Wheaton, Illinois

              Chicago, Illinois

              Chihuahua, Mexico

Orinoco Systems is a company that offers technological solutions to customers so they can focus on running their business, while we keep them ahead of the technology curve. We strive to deliver value beyond our customer’s expectations, with every customer, every day.  This is achieved by remaining on the forefront of network and programming innovations, while maintaining a deep desire to offer the greatest overall value to our customers.

The headquarters of Orinoco Systems is located in Wheaton, Illinois. We also have an office in Downtown Chicago, and a technology hub in Chihuahua. Mexico. With these locations, and the resources and professionals located at these facilities, Orinoco is well prepared to confront any technology challenge that could present itself.


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